‘The Arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic …music, dance, painting, and theatre are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.’

At Ash Croft and Cottons Farm, the Creative Arts encompass a range of subjects, including performance across Art, Music, Design Technology and Drama. It is our belief that a cohesive Arts Policy will help to identify and meet key objectives which run through all these subjects. 

Our environment stimulates creativity and innovation to enable our children to unleash their imagination.

We believe that by developing skills in creativity we develop a child's individuality and self-confidence. 


Art and Design Technology: Both Art and DT are taught through a creative curriculum. Teachers focus on the skills which children will need and encoporate these into pieces of work related to their current topic.


Music: Both schools follow the Charanga Music scheme, this is an online platform which allows teachers to deliver interactive and stimulating lessons that the children to take part in. Class Teachers also pair this with the use of musical instruments to further their experience. This year the Positive Pandas and Terrific Tigers are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn a new instrument under our Wider Oppurtinities Programme, each week an outside agency coaches and supports the children in learning this new skill. 


Both schools are currently on the Arts Mark journey:

Artsmark has been designed by schools, for schools, to align with School Improvement Plans and priorities, giving the curriculum breadth and balance. 


As well as recognising schools that are making the arts come alive, the Artsmark award is a practical and valuable tool for enriching a school’s arts provision whatever the starting point.

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