GDPR Data Consent Form - Privacy Statement

The Data Consent Form (Privacy Statement)


An Explanation for Parents


The Data Consent Form which we have asked you to sign is an important document. It outlines the range of information we will gather and use whilst your child attends our school.


It also helps you know:

  • the range of information we gather
  • why we need it
  • who has access to it (or who we may share it with)
  • where we store it
  • what happens to it when your child leaves our school


The information listed is not new information - this is the information we have always asked for and always used. The difference now is that we are required to for­mally tell you about it - and more importantly get your consent for our use of it.


We recognise that the document is detailed and extremely broad in what it covers. However, our intention is to tell you about everything we might use, share or request once only so that you only need to give approval once (as we have in the past had to ask permission for ‘new items’ as your child moved through the school).


Please remember that this is nothing new - it’s only what we have always done.


What if you’re not happy with something in it?


Most of the information is legally required - particularly data related to things like academic performance, attendance, testing and well-being. We would NEVER ask you to agree to anything that wasn’t legally required OR that we needed to make your child’s school life a successful one. The document explains why we need it and what we will do with it.

This is all about transparency - being open with you. But, if you feel that something is not clear enough and would like further explanation then please speak to Head of Academy – Mrs Ubhie or you can contact our Data Protection Officer – Colin Bellis at Illuminate Learning Ltd on / 01704 320507

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