Meet the Staff

Who's who at Ash Croft Academy ?

Consultant Headteacher
Mrs W Wheldon

Head of Academy
Mrs M Ubhie




Trust Senior Leader    Miss M Sidhu
Class  Year  Teacher
Busy Bees Reception (FS2) Mrs A Goodlip
Superstar Sharks Year 1  Miss S Watterson
Clever Cats  Year 2 Miss H Lacey
Dynamic Dolphins Year 2 Miss P Ganatra 
Marvellous Monkeys  Year 3 Mrs A Rashid
Fantastic Foxes Year 3/4 Miss Z Jakhara
Terrific Tigers Year 4/5 Mrs K Bennett and Mrs E Mehmood
Awesome Aardwarks  Year 5  Mr H Carter
Great Gorillas Year 6  Mrs E Port-Copper/Miss M Sidhu
SENDCO   Mrs J Collins
Teaching Assistants   Mrs R Whitmore/Mrs J Mawbey/Mrs C Webster/Miss A Sembi
Apprentice TA   Mrs C Gaskill/Miss N Outten-Mann
Inclusion Manager                                             Mrs R Twigg                                                          

Administrative Staff

Miss L Childe – Business Manager

Mrs E Mills - Office Manager

Mrs S Crathorne  – Admin Assistant

Catering Staff

Mr J  Hudson - Chef

Mrs C Hallam  - Catering Assistant

Mrs K Bloor - Catering Assistant

Mrs M Willams - Catering Assistant


Lunchtime Middays

Mrs A Webster

Mrs A Warburton

Mrs Brailsford

Miss Alty

Mrs Bains

Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs R Whitmore

Mrs C Gaskill

Caretaker/Cleaning Staff

Mr M Marshall - Caretaker

Mrs P Lakin      

Mrs G Kaur


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