Parents - Beware of these Apps

Amino: This app allows viewers to participate in online communities focused on similar interests, from Anime or Star Wars to Sexy Role Playing. It includes features for chatting, messaging, picture sharing, etc., all with strangers. This is a live streaming app. Users create content and broadcast live to viewers that do not need to register any personal info or provide age verification. Anyone who has an account can access your child’s “live stream,” and your child has access to others’ live streams that often contain nudity and offensive language and behaviour.
 or Tik Tok : This sister site to is promoted as a fun app for “kids” to lip synch and create their own music videos to share. Just like, there is no age verification. All you need to sign up is a phone number, Facebook, Instagram or an email (any of which are easy to fake). It allows easy access to your child’s profile as well. Content includes sexualized media, pornography, and cruel bullying on–and not just kid-to-kid, but adults bullying kids. is know called Tik Tok – same app – you can create a 60 second video and upload.


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Omegle: This is an online chat forum in which two strangers are paired up based on similar interests and can chat via messages and video. The typical chat starts with “ASL”: Age? Sex? Location? This is one that my kids told me, “Don’t even open Omegle. You will not believe what you can see.”



Yubo: (formerly called Yellow) This is a free app allowing users to connect (flirt) with others in their local area, similar to Tinder. There is no age verification to use the app, and it links up with Snapchat and Instagram, allowing strangers complete access to profile information and pictures.



Hot or Not: A comparison and rating app. Users send in their picture to be rated by others, and have the opportunity to view the “hottest” users in their area and connect with them.



Vora: This is a dieting app that allows users to track their fasting activity. It has become very popular with youth who struggle with eating disorders. The app has a social media feature that connects the user with other fasters by creating profiles. Through the Vora Facebook page, users encourage each other to extend their fasts. This site has been linked to some of the worst cases of cyberbullying. It allows users to ask anonymous questions. There is no way to know who is following you or who posted the question.



Hiding Apps: Some examples that fit into this category are Private Photo (Calculator%), Gallery Lock Lite, Best Secret Folder, and Keep Safe.  These apps allow a person to hide messages, pictures, etc., but show up as an innocuous icon, such as calculator or clock when someone else logs into the phone.



Whisper:  is an anonymous messaging app where users are encouraged to share stories they wouldn’t want to put their name to. Whisper includes a category whereby users can search for ‘Meet Up’ – in this category there can sexual images and messages. Whisper is rated 17+ in the app store, but many teens could use it regardless.

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Yik Yak: is an anonymous messaging app that allows its users to send text and photos to others without using their name. Users can choose to engage with the feeds of others within a certain radius of themselves. Yik Yak is aimed at 18 year olds, but teens could click past the age verification and use it anyway

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Kik: is an instant messaging app. It lets you create your own username and message others without using your mobile number. You can share photos, organise events, share games, news and anything of interest to you from the internet.  People can send inappropriate messages.


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