“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.”  Barack Obama

At Ash Croft Primary Academy, we are passionate about reading!  We firmly believe that if children can read well and read widely, they will be best placed to achieve in all areas of the curriculum. 

Our reading diet is based on the following research to ensure that by the end of their time here at ACPA our pupils leave being able to read with accuracy and fluency, to analyse what they read and have an enjoyment of reading:

  • EEF Guidance report on Literacy for KS1 and KS2
  • Reading Reconsidered by Doug Lemov et al
  • Bring Words to Life by Isabel Beck
  • Closing the Vocabulary Gap by Alex Quigley

Our approach to the teaching of reading can be summarised as: 

  • Developing reading strategies and skills through the application of Reading Toolkits
  • Reading and enjoying a variety of texts from a variety of sources: class reading books, Accelerated Reader books, library books, independent reading books and books on screen.
  • Creating a strong, embedded reading culture through a rich language environment within classrooms and the wider school environment.
  • Delivering a structured and consistent approach to whole-class reading 
  • Rigorously monitoring and assessing children’s progress in reading and identifying those who require extra support and intervene at an early stage.

Research shows that explicit teaching of reading strategies improve children’s comprehension (Rosenshine, 1997; EEF, 2017).  Therefore, our reading curriculum prioritises rigorous and explicit instruction in key reading strategies through whole-class reading sessions. We aim to enhance Cultural Capital through a carefully crafted reading spine and exposure to a wide range of challenging text types and authors across the whole school curriculum.  Children need to learn to read to be able to read to learn and that philosophy is at the heart of reading at Ash Croft Primary Academy.

 The ACE curriculum through reading…

Reading helps children to aspire by assisting them to work towards long term goals and dreams for their future; it helps them to discover new things by enabling them to educate themselves in any area of life they are interested in and to do their own research and thinking.  It is through reading that children learn about new places, people, and events. Reading at Ash Croft Primary Academy helps build self-confidence and cultural capital through access to a wide variety of texts genres and themes.  Our reading approach celebrates achievements and boosts our children’s confidence in reading through the Trust ‘Read, Achieve, Succeed’ initiative.  We want all of our children to be the best they can be; to be motivated and strive to achieve challenges. 

Through our Reading Curriculum pupils are given regular opportunities to communicate their thoughts and ideas about the literature they are studying and the books they are reading. Pupils are regularly encouraged to share their responses in daily Reading lessons through written responses and class discussion. Teachers build in opportunities for informal Book Talk that allows pupils to discuss characters, settings as well as making recommendations to their peers. Displays around school and Book Corners in classrooms are designed to engage, inspire and generate discussion about books and literature. Through the Rocket Reader Home Reading Scheme, pupils are encouraged to read to family members, share stories and talk about their books.

Children have a positive experience of reading as we aim to create an environment where reading is valued, promoted and actively encouraged. Children experience different places to read like the newly refurbished library, playground benches and inviting and engaging Book Corners in classrooms.  A range of different experiences are planned throughout the year to engage children in reading, such as: World book day events, author visits, class reading challenges for Accelerated Reader, weekly Reading awards in our celebration assembly, reading rewards through the Rocket Reader scheme and book fairs. 


Through all of these, our children are able to become ACE readers.


If you would like to access some bi-lingual books we would recommend these websites Simple, colourful books in many different languages with audio / sound. Simple vocabulary games for children new to English.!/  Beautiful bilingual books in many different languages with audio / sound. Please speak to Mrs Roberts at school if you would like a log in for this website.



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