Mini Leaders

The Mini Sports Leader Award gives the children at Ash Croft Primary Academy an excellent grounding in what is required to managesmall groups, through physical activity. This award is designed to help our children develop their basic leadership skills, as well assupporting their personal and social development.

This programme is a practical course that encourages children to learn skills through role play and leading activities with their peers. As part of our school’s lunchtime activities policy, this programme provides the school with a fantastic opportunity to revolutionise theway children are managed.

There are many benefits for our children through completing this sports programme. These include:

  • developing their confidence and self-esteem

  • increasing their ability to work successfully as part of a team

  • providing them with a sense of responsibility

  • contributing to the whole school ethos

  • assissting in the improvements of whole school behaviour.

At Ash Croft Primary Academy, Year 5 children learn to introduce, and manage, more challenging activities with groups of children. Theaward focuses on the child’s ability to set up, manage and adapt activities. In addition, these children coach others whilst being a rolemodel for the whole school. Through role-play, children learn how to manage more challenging situations that can occur while leadingsuch activities.

Activity cards are provided and contain ideas for the type of activity that mini leaders may organise during lunchtime. As part of theirtraining, these children are taught how to invent safe activities to oversee.

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